Dirk Kaftan

Dirk Kaftan has been appointed general music director of the Beethoven Orchester Bonn and the municipal opera house starting with the beginning of the 2017/18 season. He conducts more than 25 concerts and leads new productions of Wolf’s “Penthesilea”, Mozart’s “Figaro”, and Verdi’s “La Traviata”.

Kaftan’s wide-ranging repertoire comprises greatly acclaimed performances of Beethoven’s symphonies, Nono’s “Intolleranza 1960”, “The Merry Widow”, and various intercultural projects, which allow him to work with musicians and music from different countries, among them the Balkans, Turkey, Israel, and Iraq.

Dirk Kaftan’s orchestral engagements have included guest appearances on renowned stages in Europe. Highlights of the past few years were productions of “Figaro” in 2012 (Vienna Volksoper), “Der Freischütz” in 2015 (Royal Danish Theatre Copenhagen), “Bohème” 2017(Frankfurt), and series of performances in Berlin (Komische Oper) and Dresden (Semperoper). In the summer of 2016, he conducted Miroslav Srnka’s “Make No Noise” at the Bregenz Festival along with the Ensemble Modern.

Upcoming invitations will lead him to the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, Hannover State Orchestra, RSB Berlin, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and further more.

While rejoicing in his various guest appearances, Dirk Kaftan’s work for the house he is in charge of always remains in the center of his commitment. His concern for his own ensemble, orchestra, and choir is a trait which musicians and colleagues appreciate. This conception of how to execute his task derives from his first appointments as Kapellmeister at the theatres of Trier, Bielefeld, and Münster, and even more so as first Kapellmeister in Dortmund and Graz and it even intensified when he assumed the post of general music director in Augsburg and chief conductor in Graz.

The audience and critics alike highly cherished his work in Austria. The productions of Janáček’s “Jenůfa” and Martinů’s “The Greek Passion” have been recorded and received rave reviews. Guest appearances with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Graz outside of Austria as well as concerts at the Musikverein für Steiermark, the Wiener Musikverein, and Graz Opera have been very successful and delighted a wide audience. Primarily for his concerts and the dedication to an active communication with the public, he was awarded the Karl-Böhm-Interpretations-Preis by the state Steiermark.

His credo is “approaching people” and “combining forces”. This shows in the results of Dirk Kaftan’s work. Whether dealing with musicians or with the audience – to him, music is always interexchange of what one does and what one hears. Bonn’s new general music director apprehends music as an essential part of life. Music is an invitation to think along, sympathize, and participate.


Dirk Kaftan
29|09|2018 Benefiz/Uni Bonn/Beethoven 4/Schumann 3/Albrecht Mayer
30|09|2018 Von der Insel/Ries/Mendelssohn/Albrecht Mayer
04|11|2018 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
09|11|2018 Verdi Requiem/Bonn/Brüssel
11|11|2018 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
17|11|2018 Vom Rhing bis an die Wolga/Brings/Russland
24|11|2018 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
09|12|2018 Waffenstillstand/Maxim Rysanov/Uni Bonn
16|12|2018 Beethoven Nacht/9/Wellington
21|12|2018 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
26|12|2018 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
06|01|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
11|01|2019 Heldenleben/Widmann/Mozart/Strauss/Sergei Nakariakov
13|01|2019 Im Spiegel/Heldenleben/Katja Riemann/
17|01|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
19|01|2019 Grenzenlos vielstimmig/Eckart von Hirschhausen/Telekom Zentrale
25|01|2019 Gastspiel Koblenz/ Beethoven Orchester/Rhein Mosel Halle
31|01|2019 Himmel und Hölle/Vor Ort/Friederike Horz
01|02|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
23|02|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
01|03|2019 Karnevalskonzert/Igudesmann & Joo
10|03|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
16|03|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
17|03|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
22|03|2019 Planeten/Holst/Schönberg/Glass
23|03|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
24|03|2019 Im Spiegel/Unerhörte Welten/Schönberg/Holst/Brüggemann
30|03|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
06|04|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
12|04|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
13|04|2019 BaseCamp Neue Musik
14|04|2019 Lohengrin/Oper Bonn
23|04|2019 Kolumbien/Medellin/Beethoven 5/b+moves
02|05|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
07|05|2019 Smetana/Schumann/Beethoven 6/Konzerthaus Freiburg
11|05|2019 Operngala/Aids Stiftung/Oper Bonn
12|05|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
02|06|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
04|06|2019 Don Giovanni/Oper Bonn
07|06|2019 b+/Beethoven 6/Jugendkonzert
12|06|2019 Schulkonzert/Beethoven Orchester
13|06|2019 Elektra/Oper Bonn
20|06|2019 Don Giovanni/Oper Bonn
22|06|2019 Grenzenlos/Balkanfieber/Sandy Lopicic/Kameha Grand
28|06|2019 Sehnsucht/Brahms/Enescu/Bartok/Sayaka Shoji
30|06|2019 Im Spiegel/Rafik Shami/Enescu/Bartok
04|07|2019 Don Giovanni/Oper Bonn
14|07|2019 Klassik!Picknick/Open Air
past dates
22|09|2018 Brucknerfest Linz/Beethoven 4/Schumann 3
20|09|2018 Ensemble Modern/Alte Oper Frankfurt/Musikfest Frankfurt
14|09|2018 Schicksal/Mahler 5/Tharaud
09|09|2018 Theaterfest/Open Air/Bad Godesberg
01|09|2018 Wiedervorlage Egmont
08|07|2018 Im Spiegel/Matthias Brandt/Egmont/Beethoven Orchester
06|07|2018 Freiheit/Matthias Brandt/Egmont/Beethoven Orchester
01|07|2018 Klassik!Picknick/Open Air/Beethoven Orchester
23|06|2018 Open Philharmonics/Telekom Dome
10|06|2018 Im Spiegel/Grubinger/Beethoven Orchester/Strawinsky
08|06|2018 Feuervögel/Grubinger/Beethoven Orchester/Strawinsky
30|05|2018 Brucknerorchester Linz/Dvorak/Weill/Schulhoff
21|05|2018 La Traviata/Oper Bonn
12|05|2018 Base Camp Neue Musik/Srnka/Base Camp Bonn
10|05|2018 La Traviata/Oper Bonn
28|04|2018 Operngala Aids Stiftung/Beethoven Orchester/Oper Bonn
22|04|2018 La Traviata/Oper Bonn
17|04|2018 Concertgebouw Amsterdam/Beethoven Orchester/Schumann 1
16|04|2018 Bremer Philharmoniker/Strawinsky/Isabele van Keulen/Glocke Bremen
15|04|2018 Bremer Philharmoniker/Strawinsky/Isabele van Keulen/Glocke Bremen
08|04|2018 Gastspiel Antibes/Eroica/Ovrutsky/Beethoven Orchester
31|03|2018 La Traviata/Oper Bonn
30|03|2018 Stabat Mater Dvorak/Philharmonischer Chor Bonn
25|03|2018 Wum und Bum und die Damen Ding Dong/UA Auftragswerk/Sunnyi Melles/Beethoven Orchester
24|03|2018 La Traviata/Oper Bonn
21|02|2018 Gastspiel Coesfeld/Joseph Moog/1.Schumann
20|02|2018 Gastspiel Frankenthal/Nikolas Altstaedt/1.Schumann/
18|02|2018 Vom Singen der Seele/Schumann/Altstaedt/Uni Bonn
16|02|2018 Gastspiel Koblenz/Joseph Moog/1.Schumann/Rhein-Mosel-Halle
14|02|2018 Figaro/Oper Bonn
09|02|2018 Karnevalskonzert/World Congress Center Bonn
03|02|2018 Figaro/Oper Bonn
31|01|2018 Figaro/Oper Bonn
28|01|2018 Figaro/Oper Bonn
27|01|2018 Vielfalt der Lieder/Kardes Türküler/Beethoven Orchester/Telekom Forum
19|01|2018 b+/Jugendkonzert/Eroica/Beethoven Orchester
17|12|2017 Im Spiegel/Eroica/Peter Sloterdijk/Beethoven Orchester
16|12|2017 Beethoven Nacht/Eroica/Beethoven Orchester
14|12|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
09|12|2017 International Telekom Beethoven Competition Finale
02|12|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
25|11|2017 Lieder ohne Grenzen/Beethoven Orchester/Yasmin Levy/Bernstein/Kameha Grand
19|11|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
14|11|2017 Weltklimagipfel/Pastorale/Evelyn Glennie (geschlossene Veranstaltung)/Oper Bonn
12|11|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
12|11|2017 Im Spiegel/Midori/Beethoven Orchester/Schostakowitsch 6
10|11|2017 Traumes Erwachen/Midori/Beethoven Orchester/Schostakowitsch 6
31|10|2017 Reformationsgala "Luther-teuflisch gut"/Telekom Dome
29|10|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
22|10|2017 Romantische Lüfte/Sharon Kam/Beethoven Orchester/Uni Bonn
20|10|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
15|10|2017 Penthesilea/Oper Bonn
Dirk Kaftan
Composer Opera Notes
L.v. Beethoven Fidelio Dortmund 2005
A. Berg Wozzeck Dortmund 2004, Graz 2006/07
  Lulu Augsburg 2011
G. Bizet Carmen Münster 1999/00, Graz 2006/07, Augsburg 2011
P. Dessau Einstein Dortmund 2006
G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor Bielefeld 2001/02, Graz 2006/07
V. Globokar Harmonica Drammatica UA, Bielefeld 2002
  Alcina Graz 2006/07
  Rinaldo Bielefeld 2003
L. Janacek Katja Kabanova Bielefeld 2003
G. Kessler Dakota Pink Münster 1999/00
W. Kienzl Der Evangelimann Graz 2006/07
F. Loewe My Fair Lady Bielefeld 1998
W.A. Mozart Così fan tutte Dortmund 2006, Montpellier 2006, Graz 2008/09
  La Finta Giardiniera HfM Detmold 1995
  Don Giovanni Münster 1999/2000 Augsburg 2012
  Die Zauberflöte Bielefeld 2002, Graz 2008/09
  Nozze di Figaro Dortmund 2004, Volksoper Wien 2012
L. Nono Intolleranza Augsburg 2013
J. Offenbach Hoffmanns Erzählungen Bielefeld 1999/00, Dortmund 2005
K. Orff Carmina Burana Würzburg 2005
S. Prokofjew Liebe zu den drei Orangen Oper Graz 2008/09, Komische Oper Berlin 2010/11, 2011/2012
G. Puccini Madama Butterfly Cagliari und Bielefeld 2002, Dortmund 2004; Nürnberg 2005, Graz 2008, Augsburg 2010
  La Bohème Freiburg 2004
  Tosca Semperoper Dresden 2009/10
  Turandot Augsburg 2009/10
M. Ravel L'enfant et les sortilèges Bielefeld 2002
E. N. v. Reznicek Blaubart Augsburg 2012
G. Rossini Der Barbier von Sevilla Bielefeld 1997/98
  La Cenerentola Bielefeld 2000/01
F. Schreker Der ferne Klang Augsburg 2009/10 Bonn 2012
B. Smetana Die verkaufte Braut Münster 1999/00
R. Strauss Der Rosenkavalier Dortmund2003, Graz 2007
  Elektra Augsburg 2013
  Arabella Graz 2007
I. Strawinsky Geschichte vom Soldaten Bielefeld 1998
P.I. Tschaikowsky Eugen Onegin Münster 2000/01, Dortmund 2003, St. Gallen 2006
  Schwanensee Bielefeld 2001, Taiwan 2013
  Der Nußknacker Bielefeld 1997
V. Ullmann Der Kaiser von Atlantis Ensemble Antagon 1995-97
G. Verdi Aida Augsburg 2010/11
  Don Carlos Augsburg 2009/10
  Rigoletto Bielefeld 1998/99, Graz 2006/07
  Un ballo in Maschera Augsburg 2008
  Il Trovatore Semperoper Dresden 2008/09 und 2010/11
  La Traviata Bielefeld 2002, Dortmund 2005, Graz 2006
R. Wagner Der fliegende Holländer Graz 2006/07, Landestheater Innsbruck 2007/08
  Die Walküre Dortmund 2005
  Tannhäuser Graz 2008/09
  Tristan und Isolde Augsburg 2010/11
C.M.v. Weber Der Freischütz Graz 2006/07, Deutsche Oper Berlin 2007
K. Weill Die Dreigroschenoper Bielefeld 1998
  Mahagonny Songspiel Münster 1999
  Lindbergflut Münster 1999
  Berliner Requiem Münster 1999
  Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny Augsburg 2011
  Die 7 Todsünden Augsburg 2010
U. Zimmermann Die weiße Rose Münster 1999/00
F. Lehar Die Lustige Witwe Bielefeld 2001/02, Graz 2006/07, Semperoper 2011
  Die Fledermaus Münster 2000/01, Volksoper Wien 2010/11
  Eine Nacht in Venedig Bielefeld 1998/99
J. Offenbach Orpheus in der Unterwelt Münster 1999/00
C. Zeller Der Vogelhändler Bielefeld 1997/98
L. Bernstein West Side Story Graz 2008/09
F. Loewe My Fair Lady Bielefeld 1998/99
Lövenskjöld/Philip Glass La Sylphide Bielefeld 1998/99
P.I. Tschaikowsky Schwanensee Bielefeld 2000/01
  Der Nußknacker Bielefeld 1997/98
Dirk Kaftan

Special Concerts:

Dialogue of different cultures

Concert for the Augsburg Peace Festival July 2013
A thrilling expedition through western and oriental culture together with the renowned turkish soloist and composer Kemal Dinc. First performance of the concert-piece for Baglama and orchestra.

„Alle Menschen werden Brüder“ 2010
On July 10,  2010 a unique concert took place on the Rathausplatz(open air) of Augsburg.
350 Singers of different cultures performed this concert for peace together with the Augsburg Philharmonic. The initial idea for this concert, was based on the last movement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, which until today represents the longing for peace, tolerance and understanding in the jewish, muslim and christian culture.  Great focus was put on the first performance of Salaam – peace symphony by Enjott Schneider.

Solisten: Birgit Stolzenburg da Biasio, Komalé Akakpo (Hackbrett), Sally du Randt (Sopran), Stephanie Hampl (Mezzsopran), Seung-Hyun Kim (Tenor), Stephen Owen (Bariton)

Philharmonisches Orchester Augsburg mit: Sängerinnen und Sänger von Kosaken Kraj e. V., Junges Vokalensemble Schwaben, Chor des Gymnasiums St. Stephan, Chor der Sing- und Musikschule Mozartstadt Augsburg, Philharmonischer Chor Augsburg, Kirchenchor Herz-Jesu Augsburg, Türkischer Chor Sultan-i Yegah, Koreanischer Chor Augsburg, Chor des Deutsch-Türkischen Kültürvereins, Opernchor des Theaters Augsburg.
Pera Ensemble (Leitung: Mehmet Yesilcay)
Hamburg Klezmer Band (Leitung: Mark Kovnatskiy)

KARDES TÜRKÜLER & Augsburger Philharmoniker
Lieder der Migration(songs of migration) – Göç Türküleri 1.11.2011
ENCOUNTER of different musical traditions. The western view on oriental culture, represented by Rimsky-Korsakows Scheherazade in confrontation with „real“ turkish, armenian and kurdish music. Also an extraordinary exciting experiment with new musical forms/arrangements for orchestra and the renowned turkish folk-ensemble Kardes Türküler.

Education Programmes:

School concerts:
Introducted, moderated and chaired school-concerts „round the world with music“. This first, emotional contact with classical music reached about 20000 children in Augsburg within 3 years.

Concert Introductions with live orchestra:
Before the philharmonic concerts this unique offer to the public has become very popular giving a personal insight in the pieces to be performed.

Children and family concerts:
Numerous concerts for young people in a variety of different shapes have been created througout the years...


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Dirk Kaftan
Dirk Kaftan
Dirk Kaftan
Dirk Kaftan
Dirk Kaftan
Dirk Kaftan

Schreker: Der ferne Klang (CD)

"Schreker: Der ferne Klang" can be ordered at Amazon.

Janácek: Jenufa

"Janácek: Jenufa" can be ordered at jpc.

Promessa: Arias from Italian & French Operas

"Promessa: Arias from Italian & French Operas" can be ordered at Oehms Classics.

Rota: Cellokonzerte Nr.1 & 2 (CD)

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Bohuslav Martinu: Die Griechische Passion (2 CDs)

The double CD "Bohuslav Martinu: Die Griechische Passion" can be ordered at JPC.


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